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Data Visualisation for UN Environment
Visualising complex relationships in agri-food chains and designing a report layout for a food systems report.
A series of research infographics for Elsevier
A series of infographics on topics such as artificial intelligence, women in science and gene editing technologies
Graphic Design, Illustration, Journalism
Strategic Plan design for Research4Life
Art Direction, Editorial Design, Editing
Berlin Research Infographic
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Information Architecture
Climate Risk Report Layout
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Journalism
Artificial Intelligence Infographic
Graphic Design, Illustration, Drawing
Stories of Change
Disaster Science
Graphic Design, Illustration
Poverty Infographic
Infographic for UN Geneva on #EndPoverty campaign
Graphic Design, Illustration, Journalism
Geneva International Infographics
Journalism, Illustration, Photojournalism
Information in Action Booklet
Editorial Design, Editing, Graphic Design
Research4Life explanatory videos
Street Library Ghana - Impact Report
Editorial design for the Social Impact Report of Street Library Ghana
Editorial Design
Pure Flyer
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Icon Design
The One Belt one Road
Graphic Design, Illustration
Global Research of Sports Infographic
An infographic on the global research of sports
Graphic Design, Illustration, Editorial Design
Provoca - Cartilla para Docentes
Editorial design for PROVOCA
Editorial Design
Elsevier Foundation Corporate Videos
NSF Big Ideas Infographic
Infographic about the NSF 6 research ideas
Graphic Design, Illustration, Journalism
Unicef - Breastfeeding in DRC
Infographic about breastfeeding in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Journalism
Unicef - Children Mortality
Infographic on child mortality rates for Unicef DRC
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Journalism
Unicef - Child Labour
Infographic about child labour in DRC
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Journalism
Elsevier - Mapping gender
Infographic about gender in research
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Journalism
Elsevier - G7 Research Report Card
Research output of G7 nations
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Illustration
World Oceans Day
Infographic showing the effects of plastic pollution in the oceans.
Graphic Design, Illustration
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